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We are living in the era of Open Source Religion

My name is Sidian Jones and I want to change the world by bringing belief and technology together, to evolve our understanding of beliefs, and to empower people all over the world.


Religion used to have homogeneity. That is, the idea of saying “I’m Christian, with Buddhist leanings.” was not a common option. This has changed. Massively. The days of  belief uniformity within a religion have, for decades, been swapped for the flexibility of pulling from multiple spiritual sources. This is the era of Open Source Religion.


The “closed” sources (The Bible, Quran, Sutras, Vedas, etc) have been open sourced, by popular vote among the people. And in detaching from a closed environment, beliefs have become modular, able to be edited, upgraded, reassigned, or deleted from within a person of religion, multiple religions, spiritual, or non-spiritual.

I’m proposing 3 platforms based on this philosophy

Using machine learning to gather, and parse every human belief into a navigatable map.

This is the anthropological, data, and research side.

  • Filter beliefs by political standing, religious affiliation, gender, or geography.
  • View trending beliefs.
  • Understand belief changes during major events like elections, product releases, or global issues.

Belief discovery, creation, and collecting in a rich metaphor and story driven social network.


  • Self discovery via completing mythos exercises “What is your power animal and why?”.
  • Archiving of the beliefs behind every day things. Shaking hands is a ritual, what does it mean and why? The color red represents power or love. Why?
  • Dream journaling and interpretation.

A forum to discuss beliefs and Open Source Religion.


  • A place for those who embrace OSR to discuss and collaborate about it.
  • Categorized forums for all belief discussions.
  • Healthy debate and discussion.

You live what you believe

Do you have control over your beliefs, or do they have control over you?


Your beliefs color every thought, feeling, and decision in your life. From war, to politics, to shopping, and love, belief is at the core of the human experience. They are the lens through which we color our world.


Do you understand your beliefs? Do you know where or why you obtained them? Do you have control over them, or do they have control over you?